In 1983, Cempaka Schools was born, by a family, and for a family. Students entering our doors will continue to find themselves welcomed warmly and be taught to live together as a family-to be nurtured and cared for, and to share, bond and develop lasting friendships. Dato' Freida Pilus started Cempaka School in a rented bungalow to provide the best possible education for her sons. It has since expanded to form the Cempaka Group of Schools - a group of private and international schools in Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, comprising of two schools, spread over two campuses - one in Damansara Heights, and one in Cheras. Students range in age from four (Reception) to eighteen (A-Levels). Though Cempaka has expanded and modernized, and continues to be at the cutting edge of modern education, it has remained true to its original ideals: a school by a family for a family. Her sons for whom Dato' Freida Pilus founded the school are still with her, this time joining her to take Cempaka well into the 21st century.


"To become the leading school of choice in the country, producing students who are all-round achievers: maintaining a strong academic track record whilst maintaining a complete co-curricular resume and meaningful community service experience, in a relevant technologically-supported environment, with 100% University (or equivalent) admission rate."


"We cater to parents who believe in the value of hard work and healthy moral values. We create a competitive but nurturing environment in which children thrive to emerge leaders in their respective fields. By the time the graduate at the end of their twelve years with us, they would have developed the ability, moral compass and genuine desire to make a positive difference to their community and country, and to inspire others to do the same.


Mind, Body & Soul

The Cempaka Charter

A Cempakan, over the course of their 12-year career at the school, shall be nurtured into a scholar, sportsman & gentleman. They will adopt a growth mindset and develop powerful character strengths like grit and self-control that will continue to serve them for life.

A Cempakan shall:


Know the value of formulating an annual academic goal, working towards this goal and finding ways to achieve this at the end of each academic year. This includes mastery of content, context and the development of higher-order thinking skills.


Embrace the principles of teamwork, humility in both victory and defeat, whilst being instilled with a unique sense of leadership, emerging as a healthy, physically competitive and confident individual.


Be innovative and artistically creative, with a sense of taste and appreciation for the arts. In addition, the Cempakan graduate would have developed strength in both character and ethical beliefs, grounded in humility and empathy.


As a Malaysian-owned company, Cempaka Schools Malaysia's social responsibility is to support local, nonprofit community organizations by providing financial contributions, in-kind services, and volunteer support. For more information, please download our Charitable Contributions and Sponsorship Policy.