Cempaka Schools' Track Record


Our passion for leadership and excellence in the field of education have made Cempaka Schools a recipient of countless awards in over the last three decades with our students regularly topping national and international examinations.

Cempaka Schools Malaysia is the first Apple Distinguished School in South Asia , as well as the pioneer school in Asia Pacific for the groundbreaking virtual learning environment Schoology. Since 2009, Cempaka Schools has been the leading school in Malaysia to practice a One to One Learning Environment where each student in the secondary school functions from a laptop.


The school enjoys a solid footing in the academic sphere producing graduates that gain acceptance into the Ivy League, Group of 8 (e.g. University of Adelaide, Monash University) , and the Russell Group (e.g. University of Cambridge, University of Oxford). Cempaka Schools, representing Malaysia, is the defending champion in the UNICEF and Microsoft-sponsored World Education Games- topping Mathematics, Science and Literacy competitions.

On top of these, the school prides itself with over 80% Distinction Rate for IGCSE Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics as well as incurring 37-40 averages in IB Diploma points- significantly higher than the global average of 29 points. Cempaka Schools has a consistent 100% passing rates on all national examinations.


Among its many firsts, the schools have a strong commitment to the arts and as such became the first Malaysian school to integrate performing arts in its curriculum. Annually, the schools produce officially licenced, stunningly beautiful Broadway musicals.

Besides speech and drama, Cempaka Schools also supports talented young musicians through scholarships. Cempaka musicians perform regularly through the in-house orchestra, musical clubs (harp clubs, chamber instruments, vocal ensemble) as well as through the MPYO - Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Students have also performed in important events at home and overseas as in Washington D.C., Jakarta, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City to name a few.

Cempaka Schools are home to back-to-back Handball State Champions as well as the Swimming and Waterpolo State Champions. Cempaka students also represent the country in various international competitions in fencing and golf, the latter through the Cempaka Golf Academy.


Cempaka Schools Malaysia is a hive of activities all throughout the year. True to its School Philosophy of Body, Mind and Soul, the activities are centred around sports, academics, performing arts as well as community service. Annually, Cempaka Schools Malaysia hold a Harp Concert via its Harp Club, Interhouse Dance Competition, Cempaka Voices in Concert, Swimming Gala and Charity Fair, Games Carnival, Cempaka Family Sports Day and March Past Competition, CempakaTHINK Convention (THINKCON), Really Anything Goes Day, Australian and Canadian Mathematics Competitions, International Understanding Day as well as sports expeditions (Mt. Kinabalu mountaineering, Pulau Redang scuba diving), community service volunteer work and green initiatives like Cempaka Cycle and Tree Planting activities. One of the year's highlights is the glitzy Cempaka Schools Box Office Production which is held every year.

Educational Technology

All campuses feature a state-of-the-art and fully-connected campus linked through a wireless network.

Technology remains at the forefront of Cempaka Schools education. Aside from being the first Apple Distinguished School in ASEAN, our school is the first Malaysian school to completely embrace and advocate Schoology, which was named as the Best LMS in 2014 and 2015 at the Codie Awards, the education technology industry's equivalent of the Oscar Awards.

Schoology is also used by the Palo Alto School District (serving the Silicon Valley, USA), New York Academy of Sciences, Global STEM Alliance (launched at the United Nations in 2014), and country-wide MOE deployments such as in Uruguay.

The school is governed by a Responsible Use Policy which comprises the rules of the usage of technology facilities. It serves to protect the privacy and security of all users.